Real Technology
Consulting Services
Application Development/Programming Services

Real Technology provides commerce and database solutions to businesses and retailers. We specialize in applications that use the following technologies: Windows, MS SQL, C#, ASP.NET, and various credit card processing systems. Our clients represent a diverse range of industries and businesses, and sell a variety of products and services.

Some of the work we've performed for our clients includes:

Need custom reports, mailing lists or other client management features? 
Real Technology can build custom systems to help you manage your business with a completely integrated solution.

Website Development

Real Technology takes website development beyond ordinary to the extraordinary. We create websites customized to match your way of doing business and your customer's expectations. We develop interactive features that draw people to your site and keep them coming back. We specialize in making websites that work -- not just create more work for you.

Because your business isn't identical to any other, it doesn't fit into an off-the-shelf web solution without compromising your web presence. We create websites that reflect your unique needs. We build websites that attract and educate customers, take and track orders for products, register and renew memberships, maintain libraries of documents, present photo albums and collections of audio recordings, register students for classes and workshops.

We don't believe a website's job is limited to connecting with the end-user. Websites can interface with your accounting system and maintain your databases. Moreover, we build sites that are easily maintained by non-technical people.

Real Technology provides both design and development services. Our design services include creating the graphics and layout of a website (the look and feel), organizing the information in a website to create navigation tools (menus, drop-down lists, search pages, etc.), and branding and identity strategies. Our development services include website programming to create such functions as shopping carts, discussion forums, databases, auctions, interactive features, online storefronts, etc.

By providing both design and development services, we are able to complete projects faster and cheaper than companies that provide only one of these services.

Real Technology will consult with you to develop a design for your website, identify all of the components and content, and build the website to integrate the design and content. A crucial step in this process will be to identify exactly what kind of site you will need (online catalog, online purchases, credit card processing etc.) The design process will include identifying all of the content you have or will need developed, organizing the information for your site, and building a menu or navigation system. We will also help you determine any additional functionality you might need such as a database, contact forms, and streaming media.